As shown: small leaf, garden basket, small leaf.

As shown: small leaf, standard leaf, small leaf.

As shown: small leaf, large fire feature, small leaf.

Customize Your Table!

Every accessory insert is modular, allowing you to change and rearrange configurations to suit your needs at a moment’s notice. Read about all of our table inserts below to see what you can do with our tables!

Garden Basket

Plant your own container garden in your personal Garden Basket.  It is made of stainless steel and can be used inside or out and moved at any time to the right location for your plants’ needs. Get creative and use these empty baskets for a lobster, crab or crawfish boil.

Mini Leaf Set

Small insert that closes out the middle space of the table to offer a solid surface for times when you need that extra table top real-estate or to act as a lid for your cold foods on ice in the basin. They can also slide to the ends to allow for place settings and seating at the ends of the table when entertaining a large group. They are all chalk painted allowing for yet another fun interactive use to either write your menu or to draw on.

Standard Leaf

This is a larger leaf that can be used in conjunction with the Mini Leaves to create a completely flat table surface when needed. When leaves are in place and you aren’t entertaining, you can also use the Cooler Basin for dry storage of tea towels, placemats or other household goods.

Small Fire Feature

 The small fire feature takes .5 liters of denatured alcohol and burns for up to 1.5 hours. Both features drop into the middle of the table and can be arranged in any configuration you would like. *Fire Features Sold Separately.

Large Fire Feature

The large fire feature takes 2.5 liters of denatured alcohol and burns for up to 5 hours. No tank or hose is needed and both Fire Features are designed to be utilized inside or outdoors safely with supervision. *Fire Features Sold Separately.

Umbrella Bracket

This feature can be fastened to an end of any table to provide more shade wherever and whenever needed.

Table Cover

Our tables are meant to be enjoyed inside or outside for years to come. If exposed to full elements, we recommend a weather resistant cover to protect your investment from standing water, snow and ice.

The Penny

On all of our custom orders, we hide a penny in each table top. This is symbolic of good luck and humble beginnings. Provide us with a special year when you place your order, and we will find that year penny and seal it into your table.

Coming Soon

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